Take it from me, shopping for your brother/sister/friend/significant other who is a gamer is easier than you think. Not familiar with all that gaming mumbo jumbo? Fret not.

The best part about Christmas shopping for a gamer is that anything goes. For the true gamer, these Christmas activities are just distractions from what’s truly important, anyway – gaming (and winning, duh).

But, really, all you need to do is buy them anything that enhances their gaming experience. Here are five things that’ll do just that:

1. Gaming gear

A gamer’s weapons of choice, tools that are extensions of themselves to traverse and survive the treacherous depths of virtual reality.

We’re talking about mechanical keyboards, gaming mice, headsets, console controllers, joysticks, mousepads, etc. Both PC and console gamers will appreciate it if you get ’em some gaming gear.

Tip: Chances are, you’re unfamiliar which brands and models are good. Our advice is to just google for the ones that are best-reviewed, buy it, and say: “the pros use this”. Problem solved.

2. Get them more games

There are two types of gamers – those who are committed to one specific game and those who play everything. If they’re the latter, they’ll appreciate any of the latest game titles you get them for Christmas.

Alternatively, just get them a bundle of cheap games (PC and/or console) on Christmas sale. Steam, for example, is having a huge holiday-season sale with a bunch of its games going up to 90% off. Again, just go along with the most popular purchases and you’ll be safe.

3. Smart(phone) gamers

Let’s show some love to the dedicated Angry Bird, Flappy Bird and other smartphone game players out there. Especially for those playing the more hardcore phone games, a little extra help in the form of mobile controllers would be a major plus. They look a little something like this:

Now, you can even turn you smartphones into gaming consoles with the help of third party devices! - Photo by Tan Kit Hoong

Now, you can even turn you smartphones into gaming consoles with the help of third party devices! – Photo by Tan Kit Hoong


Just plug your smartphones in one of them, and instantly it turns into a gaming console! The Star’s TechCentral recently reviewed two such devices. You can read about them here and here.

4. In-game currency

Too lazy to actually get your gamer something physical? That’s fine, just give them in-game currency. No, it’s not as if you’re giving them money – just think gift vouchers; same thing.

This, however, will require you to know a thing or two about the games they’re playing. Once you do, online currency stores like MOL and Offgamers offer currency exchange for a large variety of games including Dota 2, League of Legends, World of Warcraft and FIFA Online.


Players can use real money to buy in-game currency which they can then use to buy various in-game items, depending on individual games.

5. Get them a comfy gaming chair

I kid you not. Gamers spend hours sitting down doing what they do, and a lousy chair can be bad for their posture – and gaming efficiency. So do them a favour and get them a good gaming chair. Office chairs work fine, too.


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