He’s survived the wrath of Fabio Capello, Sir Alex Ferguson, the Real Madrid faithful, LA Galaxy fans AND the entire nation of England; so David Beckham wasn’t gonna let some fame whore (literally) get in the way of him doing what he does best.

And that’s scoring wonderful free-kicks. For all his detractors, for all the fame and fortune – and the controversy it invites – Beckham remains a footballer of exceptional quality and professionalism.

He demonstrated that last week with another glorious free-kick to add to his collection of wonder goals during the LA Galaxy’s 2-1 win over Chivas USA.

Fame whore

If you haven’t heard, some seedy-looking prostitute has accused Beckham of engaging her services.

To be honest, I find her story to be a laughable attempt at fabrication. I mean, seriously – if Beckham wanted to cheat on anyone, it wouldn’t be with a dodgy hooker who looks like some B-class porn star.

No big surprise then, that she’s getting sued for 16 million quid – Beckham’s lawyers had warned the publication that broke the “world exclusive” story that her story was completely fake.

Seriously, does he look like someone who'd need to pay for sex?

Seriously, does he look like someone who'd need to pay for sex?

Even less of a surprise is the tactic her lawyer pulled in counter-suing Beckham for causing her “emotional and physical injuries” when his process server handed her the lawsuit.

Apparently, getting served was too much stress for her to handle (she even needed to be hospitalised! *GASP*!); which is funny considering she was the one who decided to go to the media and cook up a storm over the alleged affair in the first place.

The lawyer is now even playing the patriot/nationalist card, saying he wants to show Beckham, the evil Englishman, how things are done in America.

“California law does not allow public figures like David Beckham to stifle free speech,” said the lawyer. “Maybe he didn’t live here in Los Angeles long enough to learn how precious we here consider our rights to tell the truth in print.”

You almost feel like applauding such a performance. But I’d rather just applaud Beckham’s goal instead. Let’s hope some real justice is done.

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