Aww..poor Lindsay Lohan. The troubled starlet, currently in rehab at the Betty Ford Centre, was allowed to have visitors for the first time last Sunday.

Guess who showed up? Only her assistant Elinore. Sources claim that LiLo had been begging her former lady-friend Samantha Ronson to pay her a visit, but the DJ had other plans instead.

SamRo was seen spinning at a club with her newfound gal pal all night long. Ouch…hopefully LiLo didn’t find out about it.

Where is everyone when Lindsay needs them?

Where is everyone when Lindsay needs them?

Her family (mom, sis and brothers) was also a no-show during the visitors’ day.¬† Where the heck are they? Lindsay sure needs her support group at this time of her life unless they think that it is better to leave the starlet to heal on her own.

There has also been reports that Dina has been trying to sell pictures of Lindsay while still at the rehab centre but unfortunately, no magazine seems interested at the moment.

Oh, Lindsay…will fifth time in rehab be the charm?

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