CHEER 2012 is around the corner and we hope you’re all prepared for the fun and excitement that’s in store for you!

As usual, around this time, secondary school students involved in the annual cheerleading competition will be busy getting their routines right and tweaking their performances before the big weekend of June 16 and 17, when the Cheer 2012 finals will be held at Stadium Malawati, Shah Alam, Selangor.

Apart from doing warm-ups and going over their cheers, stunts and moves,teams will also be hard at work putting the finishing touches on one of the most important details of their looks – their make-up.

Looking good is a huge boost to anyone’s confidence – a big part of the cheerleader package is having the right make-up on, and no one knows this better than the folks at Silkygirl, who are in their seventh year of supporting Cheer.

Alliance Cosmetics Sdn Bhd group brands head Tan Theng Theng looks forward to the competition every year, and understands the role make-up plays in a woman’s everyday life.

“Silkygirl is a young, fun brand and in line with our brand positioning, in terms of target audiences, we look at those aged 15 and above – teenagers that are learning to take care of themselves and learning about skincare and applying make-up,” said Tan at the Cheer launch recently. “They are just learning the basics like putting on powder and eyeshadow or eyeliner.”

“Cheerleading is made up of a total package. It’s not just the cheer, the performance, the uniform – its also the hair and accessories and every single detail right down to the shoes,” she said. “Silkygirl’s role here is to actually put the finishing touches on the total package.”

“The final touch is the make-up – everyone looks so different, some of them are so creative and come up with some designs too.”

Tan notes that wearing make-up isn’t a regular thing for students, but when it comes to events and competitions like Cheer it’s their chance to go all out with experimenting and improving their skills.

Some of the cheerleaders trying out Silkygirl products at the clinic.

“Sometimes you attend a function or event, you can go natural and it will enhance your whole look,” she said. “Putting make-up on makes you feel good. When you look good, you feel confident. I think that’s the role make-up plays.”

Alliance Cosmetics Sdn Bhd senior advertising and promotion manager Ng Su Si coudn’t agree more.

“Silkygirl is here not just to make you look good but also to make you feel good and confident,” said Ng at a Cheer clinic held in Petaling Jaya. “That’s why we are here today – to build up your confidence.”

Every year during the Cheer final Silkygirl sets up a booth to help the cheerleaders with their make-up. Their professional make-up team would help cheerleaders to polish their looks and answer any questions the participants have about make-up and the brand.

*Cheer 2012 is organised by R.AGE and Galaxie, co-presented by Silkygirl and co-sponsored by Sugus.

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