Adding to the cheer

WHAT would Cheer be without the fantastic support of its sponsors? Well, for one, it’d be a lot less fun. At last weekend’s Cheer 2013 finals, event presenter MARIGOLD HL Low Fat Milk, main sponsor Silkygirl and co-sponsor Sugus were all there with their products to help make the event even more fun. Got milk? […]

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Teen spirit

By KEVIN TAN CHEER 2013 is happening in just about three weeks! There are a lot of things you can look forward to at Cheer (organised this year by R.AGE and presented by Marigold HL Low Fat Milk), such as the exciting performances by the cheerleaders, and the loud screams of the supporters. But […]

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It’s fun time

By KEVIN TAN THIS is the fourth year Sugus is back to sponsor Cheer, the nation’s premier inter-school cheerleading competition, and they don’t intend to stop any time soon. The Wrigley Company managing director Ku Kim Huat said that the exciting and energetic event goes hand in hand with the company’s motto – to […]

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Cheer’s hot hosts!

By ANGELIN YEOH Some things just are meant to be. Like peanut butter and jelly; Snow White and some dwarves; Cheer finals and Jeremy Teo … and Terry Ong and Azura Zainal. Yup, that’s right. Red FM’s very own Jerry, Terry and Azura will be your host for Cheer 2012 at Stadium Malawati Shah […]

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More goodies!

By IAN YEE CHECK out some of our awesome product sponsors this year! Long-time partners Silkygirl and Sugus have been on board this year’s competition from the get-go, and here are just a few more who have also decided to do their bit to support this great youth event. First up we’ve got loyal […]

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Sharing Cheer moments

THERE are quite a few things that Cheer is famous for, namely the thrilling cheerleading performances, the bucketloads of drama, and of course, the incredibly loud supporters. But one of the main things that really drew Sugus to become co-sponsors of Cheer 2012 – their third year supporting the competition – is the idea of […]

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A lesson in confidence

By DANIEL SUBRAMANIAM IF YOU think that cheerleading is all about pompons and makeup, you have no idea what you’re talking about. Cheerleading is a sport that requires determination, grit and nerves of steel to execute the thrilling stunts involved. And on top of all that, the cheerleaders have to look good while doing […]

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Being confident

CHEER 2012 is around the corner and we hope you’re all prepared for the fun and excitement that’s in store for you! As usual, around this time, secondary school students involved in the annual cheerleading competition will be busy getting their routines right and tweaking their performances before the big weekend of June 16 and […]

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Full support

EVERY year, Alliance Cosmetics Sdn Bhd CEO Ng Chee Eng looks forward to Cheer, Malaysia’s premier cheerleading competition. “The level of energy these young people have, they are so enthusiastic,” said Ng at the Cheer 2012 launch last week. “It’s not just the performers but also the supporters. You get into the stadium and immediately […]

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