WHAT would Cheer be without the fantastic support of its sponsors? Well, for one, it’d be a lot less fun.

At last weekend’s Cheer 2013 finals, event presenter MARIGOLD HL Low Fat Milk, main sponsor Silkygirl and co-sponsor Sugus were all there with their products to help make the event even more fun.

Got milk?

The cheerleaders were all given free MARIGOLD HL Low Fat Milk to give them a healthy dose of nutrients ahead of the long, intense competition.

MARIGOLD HL Low Fat Milk brand manager Nicole Lee was at the finals to experience the atmosphere first hand, and she was blown away by what she saw.

“Cheer is a special competition, one where everyone cheers on each other! It’s a very supportive and warm environment,” she said.

“We believe Cheer is a good platform to introduce MARIGOLD HL Low Fat Milk to teenagers and encourage them to include milk into their daily diet because it has all the nutrients they need in order to keep them going with their active lifestyle,” added Lee.

Besides the free milk for the cheerleaders, MARIGOLD HL Low Fat Milk also sponsored prize hampers for the Teacher of the Year, Best Supporters and Best Showmanship awards at Cheer 2013,
The winning teams for all three main divisions also received MARIGOLD HL Low Fat Milk hampers.

Unleashing confidence

Main sponsor Silkygirl, which has been supporting local cheerleading for several years now, was once again a hugely positive presence at the Cheer finals.

The Silkygirl photo booth was a big hit with the cheerleaders, as was the Silkygirl make-up room.


Nothing gets your confidence up right before a competition than knowing that you look the part!
Alliance Cosmetics CEO Ng Chee Eng, representing Silkygirl, was once again present at the finals to show his support for the cheerleaders.

“Silkygirl has been part of Cheer for seven years now, and like all the years before, we have truly enjoyed the experience! We definitely felt the energy and excitement as the teams and supporters cheered each other on.

“A big congratulations to all participating teams. You’ve done your teams and your schools proud!” he said.

Fun memories

Thanks to Sugus, the cheerleaders and their supporters were able to enjoy even more fun moments together.

There were countless Sugus goody bags given out by Cheer 2013 hosts Jeremy Teo and Linora Low (both deejays with Red FM) throughout the weekend. The two went around the stadium during the breaks between performances to play all kinds of wacky games with the supporters.

Apart from the hosts’ giveaways, the supporters were also able to get more sweet treats from Sugus at the Sugus Game Booth, which saw plenty of participation from the crowd at the stadium.

The winning teams also got to take home some Sugus products, which will most definitely come in handy when they celebrate with their friends back in school.

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