CHEER 2013 brings in an international panel of judges every year – not just to judge the competition, but also to help raise the standards of cheerleading in Malaysia.

So what did the judges have to say about the teams’ performances this year?

Eduardo C. David Jr
Coach and judge from the Philippines Cheerleading Alliance (PCA)

“It’s my first time judging the teams from Cheer, and based on what I see, the teams are very confident. They keep the smile on their faces without consciously counting the tempo – that’s when you know a team is confident.”

Beverley Hon
President of the Cheerleading Association and Register of Malaysia (CHARM) and Secretary-General of the Asian Cheer Union.

“It’s important to give your all on both days of the competition, and some teams lacked energy on the first day. And as for stunts, the teams should always remember to learn how to crawl casino online before they learn how to walk.”

Charles Hsieh Yi Chin
Coach of the MDU Spirit cheerleading team from Taiwan.

“In my country (Taiwan), there aren’t many all-girl teams, so when I saw what the all-girl teams here are capable of, I was really impressed.”

Kylie Pocklington
Operations Manager for World Cup Cheer and Dance in Australia and qualified United States All Star Federation (USASF) Level 5 coach.

What the winning teams really had was confidence and enthusiasm. You can already tell whether a team is good with the spirit they carry and how they present themselves when they step onto the mat. Tumbling is a very important element in cheerleading. You may not get a lot of points for tumbling, but it can drag a team down because you lose points there.”

Marcus Lim
Management committee member of CHARM.

“The teams did fantastic. They get better and better every year! I can’t wait to see the performances next year. The biggest traits of the winners is that they emphasised on basics without doing stunts which they are not prepared for.”

Arnold Villanueva
President of the Philippine Cheerleading Alliance (PCA).

“Everybody really upped their levels this year. The teams are a lot more polished and clean. But although the improvements are awesome, some teams need to focus on the basics. What separated the top five from the rest is that they have solid basics. In my opinion, the top five teams can even be considered among the best in South East Asia.”


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