CHECK out some of our awesome product sponsors this year!
Long-time partners Silkygirl and Sugus have been on board this year’s competition from the get-go, and here are just a few more who have also decided to do their bit to support this great youth event.

The Star Head of Events and Promotions Kenny Thong(left) and Red6 Labels Sdn Bhd (Momoe) Managing Director Angela Yeap.

First up we’ve got loyal supporters Momoe, who have been part of Cheer for 10 years now! They’re back this year with even more fashionable items to reward the cheerleaders after their months of hard work on the training mats.

R.AGE Editor Ian Yee (left) and Zuellig Pharma Malaysia Assistant Product Manager (Consumer Healthcare Division) Ewe Sien Mun.

Then there’s Perskindol, who will be sponsoring their products so the cheerleaders’ muscles will be all warmed up before performing their routines and well-relaxed after they’re done.

MJ Department Stores Sdn Bhd Marketing Executive Karen Tang (left) and The Star Senior Executive (Advertising) Pee Kah Heng.

Metrojaya and Bic Pens will be sponsoring pens, because, you know, the cheerleaders are going to have a lot of homework and studying to do after Cheer 2012 is over. Don’t worry about them, though. Cheerleading is all about discipline – if they can pull off a cheer routine and perform all those heart-stopping stunts, they’ll be able to sort out their schoolwork.

The Star Senior Executive (Advertising) Jasmina Gafor (left) and BIC Product (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd senior product executive Asmes Ng.

Without all these sponsors, plus regular partners like Silkygirl and Sugus, Malaysian cheerleading wouldn’t be where it is today, so let’s give them all a huge cheer!
* Cheer 2012 is organised by R.AGE and Galaxie, co-presented by Silkygirl and co-sponsored by Sugus. The Cheer 2012 finals will be held on June 16 and 17 at Stadium Malawati, Shah Alam, Selangor. Admission is free.

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