VIDEO: Thunderstruck, new kids on the block

It’s never easy forming a new cheerleading team, but the girls from Team Thunderstruck have bravely gone ahead with it — even after a few injuries.

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Catholic High School

VIDEO: Calyx Co-Ed on cheerleader stereotypes

The captain of Calyx Co-Ed, from SMK Katholik, says people don’t recognise the extreme athleticism you need to be a cheerleader.

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VIDEO: Dennis Yin’s emotional talk with a Calyx cheerleader

The biggest supporter of Yim Hor Yew’s cheerleading career was her mother. Sadly, she passed away last year.

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VIDEO: Anchorz dreaming of CHEER glory

Arifah Hani has dreamed of being a cheerleader since she attended CHEER 2008. Now, she’s living her dream as part of the Anchorz.

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VIDEO: Starlites out to silence critics

The Starlites were formed to replace Shirtliff, the school’s five-time CHEER winning team that was disbanded a few years ago.

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VIDEO: Vibrant raising their own funds for CHEER

They’ve been selling T-shirts, badges and food to help fund the team, and their captain moonlights as a gymnastic coach.

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Prakash Daniel attempts a cheerleading stunt!

Comedian Prakash Daniel brought along his infectious laugh when he visited Zodiac Co-Ed.

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Joseph Germani gives cheerleading a try

He’s known for his zany YouTube videos, but YouTuber Joseph Germani showed his sensitive side as he surprised the Muriel cheerleading team.

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VIDEO: YouTube stars surprise the Dynamitez cheerleading team!

YouTube stars Reuben Kang, Marianne Kang and Jared Lee visited the Dynamitez to give them a pep talk, and attempt some stunts!

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Training superstars

You can now build a career as a professional cheerleading coach in Malaysia – and it is incredibly rewarding.

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