The heat is on

DANIEL SUBRAMANIAM, FIONA CHAN and MELISSA GAZALI HOARDES of budding photographers lining the sides of the mat, hundreds of curious onlookers checking out the action and judges scrutinising every second of the teams’ routines – the National Youth Day (NYD) Cheerleading Competition had all the right ingredients to give teams a taste of what […]

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Sharing Cheer moments

THERE are quite a few things that Cheer is famous for, namely the thrilling cheerleading performances, the bucketloads of drama, and of course, the incredibly loud supporters. But one of the main things that really drew Sugus to become co-sponsors of Cheer 2012 – their third year supporting the competition – is the idea of […]

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Getting In Position

By DANIEL SUBRAMANIAM IT’S crunch time! School holidays are just around the corner, which means no school, no homework and more time to practise. With the Cheer 2012 finals less than a month away, this is the perfect opportunity for teams to fine tune their stunts. Every year, the competition gets more and more […]

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A lesson in confidence

By DANIEL SUBRAMANIAM IF YOU think that cheerleading is all about pompons and makeup, you have no idea what you’re talking about. Cheerleading is a sport that requires determination, grit and nerves of steel to execute the thrilling stunts involved. And on top of all that, the cheerleaders have to look good while doing […]

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Being confident

CHEER 2012 is around the corner and we hope you’re all prepared for the fun and excitement that’s in store for you! As usual, around this time, secondary school students involved in the annual cheerleading competition will be busy getting their routines right and tweaking their performances before the big weekend of June 16 and […]

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Cheer is on!

IT’S an annual tradition with Cheer, and it’s probably one of the few things the cheerleaders involved don’t really enjoy doing – the returning of the Champions’ trophy. Every year, about a couple of months before the Cheer finals, the defending champions are asked to return their trophy in a ceremony to announce that the […]

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Full support

EVERY year, Alliance Cosmetics Sdn Bhd CEO Ng Chee Eng looks forward to Cheer, Malaysia’s premier cheerleading competition. “The level of energy these young people have, they are so enthusiastic,” said Ng at the Cheer 2012 launch last week. “It’s not just the performers but also the supporters. You get into the stadium and immediately […]

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Get into the spirit

By NASA MARIA ENTABAN CHEER 2012 is around the corner, and cheerleaders in the peninsula are putting the finishing touches on their routines, uniforms and dance moves. The competition, which is in its 13th year, will be held at Stadium Malawati in Shah Alam, Selangor, on June 16 and 17. To get into the […]

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The countdown begins

Get ready for some serious cheerleading action, because Cheer 2012 is on the way.

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