YOU don’t need to be a drummer, musician, or an aspiring one to know this familiar face. Arthur Kam’s talent as a drummer was discovered when he was merely six, and he has grown up nurturing and harnessing his skills on the drums.

The 21-year-old prodigy is now one of the youngest professional drummers in the music industry.

He has performed with big names such as Siti Nurhaliza, Faizal Tahir, Zainal Abidin, Jaclyn Victor, Anuar Zain, M. Nasir, and even made an appearance in Akademi Fantasia 6.

Arthur is currently in his third year of studying contemporary writing and production in Berklee College of Music in Boston, United States.

As talented as he is, studying music has brought him to an even higher level in not just his drumming skills, but in musicianship as well.

“Music school really helped me open up to what music really is. It showed me the real world of music,” he said during an interview in Petaling Jaya.

Studying music has also raised Arthur’s benchmark a notch higher. “I learned how music is, how it should be written, and how high the standard for music is – what is defined as good or bad music,” explained Arthur.

Arthur added that studying in a music school can be really motivating, if you have the right attitude and mindset. “Everywhere you look, you’ll see amazing musicians around,” he said.

“If you don’t have the right attitude, you’re gonna end up telling yourself that you’re a lousy musician compared to everyone else,” said Arthur. “Some of them are so much better and way younger too!”

“So, taking these examples as an inspiration will really take you to the next level,” he said.

Arthur’s desires are to tour the world as a performer, and to possibly start a business.

“I don’t want to just fully rely on music, I want look for other things I can do as well,” said Arthur. “I could venture into business, or even music arrangement.”

His family remains the most important influence in his life.

“There is nothing like the support that family gives. When you’re young, you may like something but not have the discipline to pursue it. My parents really pushed me to achieve my dreams.

“Without my parents and siblings, I wouldn’t be where I am today,” said Arthur, the youngest child in his family.

His sister is Genervie Kam, a music director, violinist and pianist who is well known in the local music industry.

“My sister really played a big part in making me the musician I am today; she really pushed me to the next level,” said Arthur.

Although born with a right ear deformity, a medical condition known as congenital right microthia (which has reduced hearing in the ear by 30 per cent), Arthur never felt deterred by it. He believes he can be as good as everyone else, as long as he works hard.

“Growing up with the deformity didn’t really affect me because I was born with it. I wouldn’t know how a normal person hears, but it’s cool, I have no problems at all.”

Arthur Kam will be conducting an exclusive drum clinic held at Newlife Restoration Center, Petaling Jaya on August 17 from 8pm to 10pm. This clinic is for aspiring drummers, and will highlight what it takes to be a professional drummer with emphasis on grooves, chops and musicality as a whole. iSnap this page for more details!


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