FOR top Malaysian DJ duo Goldfish and Blink, the main challenge is having people respecting them as artistes, and not just DJs.

Blink, real name Lau Hoe Yin, said: “People have this mindset that we are only DJs, so they expect a particular sound and vibe when they see us. But right now, we’re transitioning to becoming artistes who make music for everybody – not just the particular people who come to clubs.”

Goldfish and Blink have been DJ-ing separately for more than a decade, and it was only in the last couple of years that they’ve started collaborating.

“We’ve known each other for a really long time. A few years ago, we met up and started a new club night playing the music we like,” shared Alvin Teoh, aka Goldfish.

From then on, they started their regular Saturday show at Zouk Club KL and began making music together. Their self-titled debut album was released in July to much fanfare in the local music scene.

“Our fan base grew, especially on social media. We’re really happy about the progress we’ve made and it has inspired us to make more music,” said Goldfish, adding that another new album is on the way.

But the debut album isn’t the only big thing to have happened for Goldfish and Blink recently. Just last month, the duo had what they both described as the biggest event they’ve ever done – the David Guetta concert, where they closed the show for the world’s No. 1 DJ.

It’s been quite the journey for the duo, especially Goldfish, whose parents did not approve when he decided to become a DJ. It was only when he started making a name for himself that they gradually got used to the idea.

Blink believes everyone should be “tolerant” when it comes to music. “If you have the mindset of listening to a certain genre, you already expect something. So we’re always telling listeners to have an open mind,” he said of the album.

The nationwide tour to promote the album was also a learning process for Goldfish and Blink, as many people were only interested in their DJ-ing sets right at the end of the show, and ignoring their album showcase at the beginning. Being a recording artiste has been a completely new ball game for them, but they are determined to keep going at it anyway.

Blink revealed they’ve got a lot of new material coming up soon, even though they’re currently prepping for the year-end festivals. He added, “We actually do electronic dance music, without the vocals. So I think we’re taking six months off to really concentrate on that.”

Blink said he developed an interest for progressive house music culture after he started going to raves. He wanted to be “like one of the DJs, controlling everybody’s feelings on the dance floor”. Goldfish on the other hand was inspired to become a DJ after seeing a kid working the turntables on a TV show.

Now that they’re both signed with Universal Music Malaysia, having been independent previously, they’re confident that things will get even better. Blink said: “We’re the first urban Malaysian act to be signed by Universal. The team has great people, so I think we should be good from here.”


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