Find out how cheerleaders execute their amazing stunts with this new series.

IF YOU have been to a Cheer final, you’ll know how incredible cheerleading stunts can be. They have all kinds of flips, tosses, summersaults and other stuff that’s so crazy we don’t even know how to describe it. That’s where professional cheerleading coach Tan Yee Ming (from local cheerleading company Cheer Aspirations) comes in.

For the next few weeks, coach Yee Ming will be giving us video tutorials on some cheerleading stunts – and demonstrating how to execute them properly.

Log on to to check out the first video, where you can see how a Giddy Up mount and Waterfall Dismount is performed.

We’re sure this goes without saying, but please – don’t try this stuff at home (unless you have a qualified cheerleading coach with you). Just watch and admire, okay?

Stunt name: Giddy Up mount and Waterfall dismount
Level of difficulty: Intermediate

Step 1:
Main and second base use a regular right leg liberty grip.

Step 2:
Bases dip their legs and drive up the flyer.

Step 3:
Release the left foot at the top and catch the flyers right foot as she stands fast. Flyer switches feet here at the top.

Step 4:
Flyer kicks the left leg to do an X-scale.

Step 5:
To dismount, bases dip to lower flyer below prep level. Flyer leans to a back bend position, while the spotter turns backwards to support the flyer’s waist.

Step 6:
Spotter guides flyer to a handstand position onto the ground and transfers her weight to stand up.

To watch our local secondary school cheerleaders perform this stunt and others live, come join us at the Cheer 2013 finals! It’ll take place on June 29 and 30 at the Putra Indoor Stadium, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur. Admission to the event is free for everyone.

Cheer 2013 is organised by R.AGE and presented by MARIGOLD HL Low Fat Milk. The main sponsor is Silkygirl and the co-sponsor is Sugus. Red FM is the official radio station.

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