Changing ways

According to Justin Kistner, who is a ”social evengalist” at Webtrends, a web analytics company, the social media era is set to peak in 2012.

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And… We’re back!

WHAT happens to Malaysia when Twitter goes down for a couple of hours thanks to the influx of tweets during the World Cup and a botched upgrade procedure on Twitter’s end?

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What the Internet knows about you

Have you checked-in on Foursquare yet? Or updated your status on Facebook today? Sent a tweet?

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A new festival!

In February last year, Twitter users from 202 cities around the world rallied together for an event called Twestival and raised over US$250,000 (RM875,000) for a non-profit organisation called “charity: water”.

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Social Media FTW!

Some of you might be like me, and find it hard to understand why there are people out there who aren’t so keen to accept social media and recognise its usefulness.

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Mind your Tweets

One of my pet peeves related to the Internet is the amount of inaccurate information you can get.

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Right here, right now

Google has just announced a couple more goodies, and it’s really exciting.

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Whatsapp iPhone to Blackberry?

Okay, so everyone knows that I am a huge fan of the iPhone. And I can always list out reasons why it is superior to the Blackberry:

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It’s cool to “Unfriend”

Did someone “unfriend” you? It just means you’re cool.

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I got to meet Biz Stone (@biz)

If you’re a Twitter addict like me, you’ll go mental if you got to meet @biz.

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