IF you think skydiving is only available in Sabah and paramotoring can only be done on beaches, then you might want to google “Paragliding KL”. You’d be amazed at what airborne activities you could actually do in Kuala Lumpur.

Held over the weekend, the Extremize Your Life event showcased over 15 extreme outdoor activities that young people could try out in the Klang Valley.

The showcase was a good mix of the extreme and some more cushy activities, including car drifting, paramotoring, bouldering, paintball, and electric and foldable bicycles.

Malaysian rally racing legend Karamjit Singh was invited to perform some of his daredevil car stunts, and a few lucky audiences had the chance to be in the passenger seat as he reversed flicked and drifted through turns.

At 51 years of age, Karamjit could have retired from the sport, but his burning passion to promote the racing scene in Malaysia is all too much for age to take racing away from him.

“The reason I’m still racing is because I’m still winning, but I’m also training the younger ones to ensure that the scene will grow in Malaysia.

“However, the situation here is that Formula One has taken too much atention away from rallying, even with their smaller engines!” said Karamjit who drove a Mazda 3 MPS on the day.

Apart from the sporty cars and high-end motorbikes on display, there were also some bicycles from local manufacturer Cyclux, who brought some of their Europe-inspired bikes for fun rides.

The Polish bicycle – in ebony black and a sleek design – was the most popular one among visitors. The foldable Dutch-themed bicycle, however, had the highest sales.

There was also a paintball and bouldering competition happening throughout the two-day event.


Siblings Ainaa Azrin Mohd Zulkifli, 23, and Mohd Taqiuddin Mohd Zulkifli, 19, attended the event to participate in the bouldering competition.

Frequent climbers, Ainaa and Taqiuddin only focused on their climbing and did not even visit the other booths.

“The event was good but I just wanted to try my best in achieving my target which was to beat one of my friends!” said Taqiuddin, who came in third in the men’s open category.

Though it rained on a few occasions, nothing could dampen the spirits of the participants as the bouldering area was crowded with supporters, especially at night when the men’s final was held.

The showcase wouldn’t be completed without a performance or two, of course. Alpha Parkour brought their own obstacles to the event, and gave the crowd a thrilling demonstration of their parkour skills.

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