1.Over 6,500 people attended the “cool” one-day festival.

2.There were 22 performances throughout the day.

3.Nearly 50 vendors were scattered throughout the sprawling location.

4.To cater to the hungry masses, Nando’s brought in 2,000 chickens!

5.Sisters Alina and Rachel Ong, founders of the Peanut Butter Factory, hand-made 400 bottles of peanut butter for the event!

6.Strangely, there was no WiFi at Urbanscapes, except at one dedicated WiFi zone.

7.Flower vendor With Every Bloom brought in over 15 different kinds of flowers for its DIY flower crown booth, and didn’t charge its customers a cent!

8.Nearly 200 people signed up for The Star’s Voices of Moderation campaign.

9.Massage therapists at Ayurvedic wellness centre Samkkya gave over 70 massages at their tiny little booth!

10.The Sole Pimps Store was fronted by four Oxford University graduates who brought in shoes that cost as much as RM1,100 a pair!

11. Local artist, Cloakwork, the winner of R.AGE’s mural contest, used 20 cans of paint and spent four hours creating his grafitti piece for the festival.


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The hills are alive!

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Urbanscapes 2014

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Terms & Conditions

If you're travelling to Urbanscapes 2014 via MyTeksi, check out the terms and conditions here.

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Scottish band Chvrches killed it at their show in KL on Nov 19.

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Win passes to catch Tenacious D

Check out R.AGE’s Twitter account at 3pm today! We’re giving out passes to catch Tenacious D live on Dec 1!

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