FIRST of all, Johnny Depp is still alive. Shame on that sick person who started the silly rumour that he died in a car crash.

The rumour got so bad that ”RIP Johnny Depp” became a Twitter trending topic!

If it was true, I wouldn’t be in the office writing this. I’d be at home crying my eyes out, lighting 100 candles at the Johnny Depp shrine I’d have built in front of my house.

Anyway, E! News has confirmed that Johnny is alive and wasn’t in any kind of accident.

”He isn’t dead,” said Robin Baum, Johnny’s representative. You tell them, Robin.

Secondly, settle down people. Again. The holy union that is Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie is still going strong despite various claims otherwise.

Really, now, you should know better than to believe a bogus Brangelina break-up stories.

Have you forgotten that people from Jennifer Aniston’s camp are still trying to bring them down?

Okay, I shouldn’t have said that. I love Jenny and have loved her even before she and Brad got together and eventually separated.

Anyway, for the hundreth time, a report began circulating on the Internet saying that the famous couple had sought the help of a lawyer to work on their breakup plan.

Brangelina split?

Brangelina split?

The rumour also involved monetary agreement and joint custody settlement over their six children.

Update: Life & Style has the story behind the meeting.

The power couple heard this nonsense and sent their reps to set things straight immediately. The official statement on the breakup as of now is, ”Total B.S.” And no … the itinials don’t stand for Britney Spears.

Sharm says: Long live Brangelina! No one can bring us … errm, you down.

Bill gone wild

If Perez Hilton’s news is to be believed, an expensive divorce settlement is coming straight our way. You’re not going to believe who pulled a ”Tiger Woods” at a party at the Sundance Film Festival last week. Bill Gates! See, I told you you wouldn’t believe it.

Apparently, Bill got freaky (arrggh, images!) with a girl named Renee (his wife’s name is Melinda) while listening to John Legend and The Roots perform on stage. People were whispering ”Isn’t he married?” and yes, he is. For 16 years! But that didn’t slow Bill down, not one bit, apparently.

Sharm says: Life is not going to be the same anymore after this. How will I use Microsoft Office without images of dirty dancing Bill popping into my mind?

Which Taylor?

Moving on, there’s another rumour going on that total, absolute and forever BFFs Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez have put an end to their friendship.

Check out this video that was shot in London; Demi is swarmed by a bunch of her girlie fans and one of them asks, ”How’s Selena?”. Demi goes, ”Ask Taylor,” and gives this nasty smile.

You know, the kind of smile you give when you’re angry at someone but you don’t want others to know … oh, just watch it yourself!

Hmmm, but why did Demi mention Taylor’s name? And which Taylor did she mean? Lautner or Swift, who are both her friends?

If she meant Lautner, then maybe she’s jealous that Selena is spending all that time with him but if she meant Swift, then she’s also jealous that Selena found a new BFF. Arrgh, so which Taylor did she mean?

Sharm says: I don’t care if they’re fighting. I’m on Team Miley.

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