THERE’S a new wave of food entrepreneurs here in Malaysia – creative and enterprising young people who are breaking the F&B mould with their brilliant ideas.

We’ve seen home bakers selling their goods on Facebook, artisanal ice-cream makers coming up with quirky local flavours, food truckers who build a following (literally) on social media, and so much more.

And now, the R.AGE Food Fight is here to give them a huge boost, by giving them the chance to become Malaysia’s next food celebrity!

The winner of the competition will get a food column in The Star, his/her own online video series produced by R.AGE, and – wait for it – RM10,000 in cold hard cash. There are a few other product prizes, but you get the picture.

The five finalists will get a pretty sweet deal too. They’ll get masterclasses with some of the best in the business – Chef Wan, Le Cordon Bleu master chef Rodolphe Onno, Chef Darren Chin of the very swanky Restaurant DC, top food blogger KY Speaks and performing artiste/up-and-coming restaurateur Chef Liang.

The prizes
Here’s what our future food celebrities stad to win

The five finalists will get:
-Masterclasses with le cordon bleu Malaysia
-Masterclasses with Chef Wan, Chef Darren Chin and Ky Speaks
– Media and video production training with R.AGE
– A full page feature in The Star, and an exclusive video profile on R.AGE
– A Wüsthof knife set
– RM3,000 for first runner up
– RM 1,000 for second runner up

The finalist who comes out top in the finale will also get:
– RM10,000
– A food column in The Star
– Her/his own food video series on R.AGE

With their powers combined, you’ll be getting a huge foot into the door of the industry, whether you’re looking to build your food business, or be the host of your own food show.


To join, all you’ve gotta do is record a video of yourself preparing a dish/beverage using our featured ingredient – palm oil – and mention at least one of its benefits. Then, write a blogpost to complement your video, and send them to us at


We’ll be featuring all five finalists’ stories right here in R.AGE, so stay tuned 😉

For more info on the R.AGE Food Fight, go to, or email us at



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