MOST of us would get all excited during a concert, but here’s one man who keeps his cool at times like this – because he needs to.

Meet Ezwan Munir, or better known as Bob Vizard, a local freelance music photographer.

Now, you must be wondering, what’s up with the name, Bob? Ezwan says that he has been called Bob for as long as he can remember.

“My friends and family members have called me Bob since I was a young boy,” said the 26-year-old.

And why Vizard? Ezwan explained he was a huge fan of Japanese anime, and while he was watching Bleached, he came across a group of people from the anime series who called themselves “Visored”, which eventually became Vizard for him.

Ezwan began taking pictures in 2008 when he first discovered his interest in photography. He believes that it was his late father’s influence that led him to pick up the skill.

“My father, who was a teacher, had this hobby of taking photos. I can say that I developed an interest in photography because of him,” he said.

In the zone: One of Bob's photos from The Devil Wears Prada concert.

In the zone: One of Bob’s photos from The Devil Wears Prada concert.

Six years down the road, he has come a long way from being an amateur to a now established photographer, who has covered a long list of events in the country.

“I enjoy shooting people who are on stage,” he said. “I love to capture the movements and lighting at concerts.”

He has been the official photographer for Rock the World music festival, the Future Music Festival Asia in 2012 and 2013, and recently, officially photographed local band Oh Chentaku for its Malaysian tour.

He got his break in 2009 when a friend, who was part of a local rock band, Maddthelin, invited him to join their tour.

Bob toured with local band Maddthelin when he first became a music photographer.

Bob toured with local band Maddthelin when he first became a music photographer.

“It was my first experience with music photography. My friend, Lenny, invited me to shoot for them during their tour in Malaysia,” said Ezwan.

However, his path has not always been smooth as he has had his photographs stolen and used by other people without his consent.

“It’s quite difficult for music photographers to survive in Malaysia. You can’t compare it to the international music photographers.”

Like all remarkable people, Ezwan draws his inspiration from fellow music photographer, Adam Elmakias, from the United States.

“He’s been touring with lots of bands, from underground to mainstream. He’s like the music photography master. I’m trying to be like him.”

Ezwan uses a Canon 5D Mark II for his work, along with a 20mm F/2.8 lens, an 85mm F/1.8 and a 40mm F/2.8 lens, which is his favourite.

Check out Bob’s website for his latest works at


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