AFTER a grueling but fun four days at the BRATs Johor Baru young journalist camp, we’re proud to present the stories and photos by the 30 talented participants selected for the camp.

The participants, handpicked from across Malaysia, brought their A games for the field assignments – the most exciting part of our BRATs young journalist camps.

This week, we feature their stories on the historic area around Jalan Tan Hiok Nee, highlighting the old-world charm of places like Hiap Joo Bakery and Restoran Hua Mui.

Marsha Choo from #TeamIan recording a stand-upper at the Eh He art gallery and cafe. Check out the BRATs Johor Baru videos at!

Marsha Choo from #TeamIan recording a stand-upper at the Eh He art gallery and cafe. Check out the BRATs Johor Baru videos at!- Photo: AZLINA BT ABDULLAH/The Star

Next week, we’ll be publishing stories from the BRATs’ other major field assignment – their trip to Legoland Malaysia, where they got a behind-the-scenes peek into the running of the world-class theme park. And yes, they did get to enjoy the park’s rides and neighbouring water park as well …

BRATs camps can be as much hard work as they are fun, so we’d like to congratulate the newest additions to the BRATs family for putting their hearts and souls into their work. Prepare to be dazzled by what you see in the next few pages!

But let’s not forget the journalists who facilitated the camp – R.AGE editor Ian Yee, R.AGE journalists Lim May Lee and Vivienne Wong, and The Star photojournalist Azlina Abdullah.

Ian, May Lee and Vivienne each led a team of participants, with the help of three senior BRATs – Joanne Raena Raj, Ashvin Tiwana Singh and Jesslyn Tan.

BRATs Johor Baru young journalist camp organised by R.AGE

#TeamMayLee interviewing James Lim, a young, third-generation traditional baker who runs his family bakery, the Hiap Joo Bakery and Biscuit Factory. – Photo: AZLINA BT ABDULLAH/The Star

Now that the participants are officially BRATs journalists, they’ll be sent out on really cool assignments, so look out for their bylines and track their progress here and at!

BRATs, established in 1993, is The Star’s young journalist programme, organised by R.AGE. For more info, go to

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