IF you have mad designing skills, you stand to win an all expenses-paid trip worth RM18,000 to Orlando, Florida, and a chance to do your country proud.

All you have to do is showcase your creative 2D design talent using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign at the Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) Championship Malaysia to design a poster.

The winner of the Malaysian championship, organised by local Adobe platinum partner Acestar, will go on to compete at the ACA World Championship, going up against international-level competition. The prizes at stake are US$5,000 (RM19,500), a trophy, a medal, and a winner’s certificate.

Acestar founder and chief executive officer Natalie Sit said she hopes the competition will provide a much-needed platform for young Malaysians to explore their creativity.

“I feel that students, or their parents perhaps, see no future in the design industry. We hope to change this through the competition,” said Sit.

“The ACA Championship Malaysia will be an opportunity for their talent to be recognised not just locally, but internationally.”


Acestar CEO Sit says she hopes the contest encourages students to pursue a career in design, as she sees a lot of potential in Malaysians.

Sit is reaching out to universities to encourage students to not only take part in the competition, but also continue pursuing a career in the creative industry.

Too many students quit and move into different industries despite the increasing demand for digital media skills in the workplace, she said.

Digital media has become a vital part in many industries, and there is now an increasing variety of jobs for graduates to consider. However, the development of new local talent has been stifled by a lack of opportunity and exposure.

“There aren’t many other competitions like this that promote design, even though I see a lot of potential in Malaysian designers,” she said.

Acestar is serious about helping design students get their footing in the industry – the top ten Malaysian Championship finalists will undergo the Adobe Certified Associate certification, organised by Acestar.

The ACA Championship Malaysia is open to students between 13 – 22 years old.

Registration opens on April 20, with the competition kicking off on May 16 before the grand finale on June 28.

For more information on the contest details and mechanics, head to


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