So Marvel has released another Avengers: Age of Ultron video, this time a little less foreboding than the first one.

It shows the Avengers as we’ve never seen them before — just hanging out. Saving the world can be tiring after all, and near-apocalyptic alien invasions do tend to bring people together.

The video starts with Tony Stark and Captain America trying to pick up Thor’s hammer, which is pretty funny, but then it quickly descends back into the foreboding, slightly too severe tone of the previous video.

The first video, of course, was leaked before its intended premier, which led to this hilarious Twitter post from Marvel, blaming Hydra:

Either way, the official trailer on Marvel’s YouTube page now has over 50 million views, so not much harm done there. Another blow to Hydra…

Anyway, here’s that first trailer. Like we said – way more scary and severe than the latest one…

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