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Magic: the Gathering’s Innistrad has been barely out for a month, and looks like there’s some interesting cards shaking up the tournament scene of late. Everyone’s no doubt talking up the new Liliana, which is proving to be a real heavyweight, commanding up to RM160 a pop. Her ability to fill graveyards and then use […]

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Blood Bowl Card Game this weekend!

Some weeks ago I blogged about the new Fantasy Flight Games (FFG in short) Blood Bowl: Team Manager – The Card Game. You might, at this point of time, groan and go, no, not another card game! Well, fear not my bloodthirsty Humans, Orcs, Dwarves, Wood Elves, Chaotic fellas and Rat, err, Skavens, for the […]

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In space, no one can hear your Marine’s screams

Just slightly more than a week ago, I finally dropped off my prized 12 Space Marine miniatures from the recently reissued Space Hulk boardgame, to a recommended painter.

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Eldrazi here, almost!

Magic: the Gathering (MTG) fans would have one heck of a weekend, with the dust settling over this weekend’s pre-release events, which were held to preview the latest expansion set, Rise of the Eldrazi (RotE).

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