Presenting to the child sexual crimes task force

R.AGE’s Predator In My Phone team was invited to present its findings to a Government task force, and we were in for a huge surprise.

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Countering child crimes

Here are some issues that will be covered under the proposed Child Sexual Crimes Bill.

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Takahara Suiko is giving voice to the voiceless

For many victims suffering from self-blame and stigma, Takahara Suiko’s Sejarah Hitam Kami Tumblr account is where their stories can be shared, without fear of judgment or prejudice.

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Sexual abuse victims share their stories with R.AGE

Sexual abuse survivors have been sharing their stories with R.AGE, hoping it will help others who are going through what they did.

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Predator on the silver screen

R.AGE online documentary series Predator In My Phone was given an extended screening thanks to the Malaysian Documentary Society.

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Let’s get uncomfortable

When the person closest to him was molested, Alvin Teoh joined forces with P.S. The Children to campaign against child sex abuse.

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Lisa Surihani supports the campaign for anti-grooming laws

Things got a little emotional for Lisa Surihani during a recent shoot with R.AGE for a PSA in support of the Predator In My Phone project.

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Dangerous connections

Chat apps like WeChat and BeeTalk are designed to appeal to teenagers, but that also makes them a perfect hunting ground for child sex predators.

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Help Hotlines

Need help dealing with online abuse & paedophiles? Here are some contact numbers you can ring up.

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To tackle child sexual exploitation, Malaysia needs a culture shift

We can talk about digital safety all we want, but without a change in our mindsets, our youth will remain unsafe online, said experts at Unicef’s #ReplyForAll-MY town hall.

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