Ready, set, ACTION

The BRATs wrote some pretty amazing stories about their time in Raub, and now their videos are out too!

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Bust a move

New venue, new opportunities, same passion for CHEER!

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Soaring high

CHEER 2015 is back, and things are going to get crazy!

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Grant-ing wishes

This year, the CHEER Foundation is offering grants worth RM10,000 to three deserving teams.

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My ‘attempt’ at being a sugar baby

Our reporter Lim May Lee dived headfirst into the world of sugar daddies/babies to learn more about the ‘sugar lifestyle’.

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Wade-ing into the sugar life

R.AGE talks to Brandon Wade, founder of, about the sugar lifestyle.

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sugar baby

Inside the world of Malaysian sugar babies

Young Malaysian women (and some men) are offering the pleasure of their ‘company’ as sugar babies – for a hefty price.

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Prime Minister

Millennials for change

Asean youth could hold the key to transforming the region, so it was no surprise that the Prime Minister wanted to hear them out.

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Music, Autistic

Common challenges faced by special needs educators and therapists

Find out more on the challenges faced by special needs educators here!

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Music, Autistic

Modern superheroes

Young therapists in Malaysia are making their mark through their work with special needs children.

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