THINGS are really heating up with the R.AGE Food Fight, because we’re down to the last five days for you to submit your entries!


R.AGE Food Fight is our search for Malaysia’s next food celebrity. Not only will you be competing to be the next Chef Wan, you’ll also be mentored by him.

The idea of the competition is to give one talented young Malaysian (aged 18-35) the chance to make food his/her career. And what better way to do that than by giving him/her a food column in The Star, a video series on R.AGE and the brand new, and RM10,000 in cold hard cash?

On top of that, Chef Wan and the other judges – Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia master chef Rodolphe Onno, DC Restaurant chef Darren Chin, performing artiste/up-and-coming restaurateur Chef Liang and top food blogger KY Speaks – will be giving the finalists masterclasses to further prepare them for food stardom.

To participate, all you have to do is record a video of yourself preparing a dish which incorporates our featured ingredient – palm oil – and mention at least one of its benefits. Then, write a short article or blogpost to complement your video, and send them both to Easy!

Here are a few tips from us to help you with your submissions.

We have a whole list of palm oil’s benefits on our Food Fight website ( That should save you a lot of time!

Don’t worry if you don’t have a fancy recipe or professional culinary skills. We’re not looking for haute cuisine here. We want someone with a passion for food and a great personality.

Do something out of the box! Be creative with your videos and recipes because we’re not limiting it to any specific format. You can even make a drink! Just for fun, YouTuber Jared Lee tried making palm oil coffee for us, and we really couldn’t taste the difference – and it still had all the nutritious benefits of palm oil. Check out the video on the website!

When writers cook

What it looked like behind the scenes for May Lee's brownie uh...masterpiece

What it looked like behind the scenes for May Lee’s brownie uh…masterpiece

To borrow a phrase from a certain celebrity chef, if R.AGE can cook, so can you!

We were so inspired by all the R.AGE Food Fight video submissions (which made us very hungry), we decided that we, too, should record our own cooking demos. Cue the scary disaster movie soundtrack!

We won’t lie – we had plenty of epic fail moments, like when our journalist Lim May Lee asked on camera: “Why do they say ‘pinch of salt’? That’s so vague! What if I have big hands?”

maylee foodfight

But at the end of it all, we were able to share a few great recipes with the Internet, no journalists were harmed in the process, and we had some pretty decent dishes to share with the rest of the team the day after. #DisasterAverted

“It’s so easy! I just put the camera on the tripod and filmed the whole thing myself,” said R.AGE journalist Shanjeev Reddy.

In his video, he enlisted the help of his mother to cook cabbage peratal in the cosy confines of their family kitchen.

“Shooting was fun and easy, but editing is a bit harder,” he said. “If I had to give the participants any advice, I’d say keep your scenes short. Don’t drag them on, because you want your video on YouTube to be snappy and fun.”

While our demo videos weren’t absolute disasters – and May Lee’s microwaved brownie-in-a-mug turned out surprisingly well – we’re pretty sure you guys can do way better.

So send us your own videos! Check out the submission details at or email us at

The deadline for R.AGE Food Fight submissions is Sept 27! Hurry on over to to view our demo videos and glean ideas for your own.


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