Here’s a little something for you old school gamers – or anyone who wants to play some old school games, really. All your favourite MS-DOS games are now available on your browser!

The Internet Archive recently launched its new Software Library for MS-DOS games, featuring over 2,300 classics titles.

The library also acts as an online emulator that’ll allow you to spend countless hours on classic games like Prince of Persia, Wolfenstein 3DChampionship Manager, Dune, Cabal, SimCity, Street Fighter and more for free! Just click it and play it.

Everything here is still in beta, though, so you’ll probably run into a few bugs and problems here and there as you go along. But many are already up and running and ready for playing.

Here’s the Prince of Persia one, for example, embedded from the site:


These games not old school enough for you old souls? Well, the site is also home to a few hundred other Atari and arcade games from the ’70s, ‘80s and ’90, too. If that’s more of your style, the Internet Arcade section is where you’d want to be.

All this is part of the site’s quest in preserving computer history, of course, and you’d also be able to find other things like old texts, audio, images, movies, software and archived web pages in other sections of the Internet Archive’s library.

So, the next time your boss catches you on the site, just say it’s for research. *Winks*


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