All-Girls Category

Champion: Cyrens, SM Sri Kuala Lumpur

Genevieve LiewGenevieve Liew, 17, captain

“It’s normal for cheerleaders to get injured, but in our case the entire team had suffered injuries and we had to keep making changes to our routine. We were worried because it was so close to the competition, but I am so glad that we made it!”


First runner-up: Calyx All-Girls, SMJK Katholik

Yim Hor YewYim Hor Yew, 17, captain

“Our team had seven juniors who were totally new to the sport. They’ve improved so much and helped lead us to our victory. I’m so proud of all of them.”




Second runner-up: Dynamitez, SMK Damansara Jaya

Loh Pui YeeLoh Pui Yee, 17, captain

“The precious few minutes on the mat when we managed to hit our routine together is a memory that I will cherish for many years to come.”




Co-Ed Category

Champion: Mickeymitez, SMK Damansara Jaya

Yeong Zhi YuanYeong Zhi Yuan, 15, captain

“I think we won because we never gave up. Many of my team mates have smaller builds compared to other cheerleaders, so we had to step up by training even more. I’m glad our hard work showed today.”


First runner-up: Zodiac Co-Ed, SMK Kepong

Chong Zhen WeiChong Zhen Wei, 16, captain

“We had a gruelling training schedule. I feel if I can captain the team while juggling my studies and social life, I can manage everything else in life.”




Second runner-up: Calyx Co-Ed, SMJK Katholik

Melodie Lim Hann YiMelodie Lim Hann Yi, 17, captain

“We were not aiming to be champions. To us, it is a bonus. As long as we hit the perfect routine and do our best, it is enough for us.”




All-Girls Junior Category

Champion: Rayvens, SM Sri Kuala Lumpur

Lee Cher-maineLee Cher-maine, 15, captain

“The Rayvens were champions the past two years, so I felt I had to keep up the school’s pride at CHEER. Knowing we have something to live up to motivates us even more.”




First runner-up: Titans Junior, SMJK Ave Maria Convent, Ipoh

Charis Lee Ke QingCharis Lee Ke Qing, 14, captain

“The biggest challenge was ensuring my team members were disciplined and united. We argue sometimes but in the end, we know how important cheerleading is to all of us so we put all our differences aside.”



Second runner-up: Calyx Junior, SMJK Katholik

Rachel Ann Yap Lai MunRachel Ann Yap Lai Mun, 14, captain

“Our routine had a low difficulty level, so it was a barrier to us being champions. Also, most of our members were new. But I’m glad we all had fun on the mat! The medal is just a bonus.”



U Mobile Best Supporter Award

Champion: Dynamick Supporter Team, SMK Damansara Jaya

Low Su YiLow Su Yi, 17, Dynamick leader

“We were up all night packing and double-checking everything. And during our teams’ routines we screamed so loud, everyone lost their voices. I’m glad all the hard work paid off, and we gave our cheerleaders the confidence to perform well.”


First runner-up: SCARS, SM Sri Kuala Lumpur

Second runner-up: Titans AMC, SMJK Ave Maria Convent

Clean & Clear Best Showmanship Award

Vulcanz, SMK Seafield, Subang Jaya

Ariel Yew Qiao Jing, 17, captain

“I’m so glad as our team was really united. We have been cheering for each other throughout the year with motivational texts and messages, even outside of cheerleading.”

*Stay tuned for the final ranking of all 39 teams! We will publish them once CHARM has finalised the results.

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